DeFinder Capital Fund
We invest in teams that build and support the decentralised web to contribute to a more inclusive, secure, and decentralized digital future.
About us
Welcome to DFC Fund, an investment fund on the TON blockchain dedicated to fueling innovation and driving the future of decentralized finance. Founded with a passion for transformative blockchain projects, our team combines expertise in investment, technology, and community building.

We strive to identify and support the most promising projects that harness the power of the TON blockchain. Our commitment extends beyond funding — we actively collaborate with projects, providing strategic guidance and fostering a thriving ecosystem.
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  • Nick A.
    Founder and Managing Director
    Visionary leader overseeing overall strategy and investment decisions. Establishing partnerships, guiding the team, and shaping the fund’s long-term direction.
  • Brian S.
    Investment Analyst
    Conducting thorough market research and due diligence on potential investment opportunities. Analyzing financial data, evaluating project viability, and presenting findings to support investment decisions.
  • Mike K.
    Blockchain Developer
    Assessing the technical aspects of potential investments. Collaborating with project teams to understand blockchain implementations, security protocols, and overall technology feasibility.
  • Jane M.
    Marketing & Community Manager
    Promoting projects, managing public relations, and building strong community engagement. Developing and implementing marketing strategies.
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